Sunday, 27 June 2010

In need of rain...

Come on, you can't complain really - everyone loves the warm, sunny weather... However, it's probably better suited to Glastonbury than fishing. The rivers are in need of some water - both to bring the levels up and give the rivers a well-needed flush through. It's times like this when the fish become sluggish and unwilling to move.

Late evening fishing is the only worthwhile option, hoping that Blue Winged Olives put in their usual late-in-the-day appearance.

However, having cancelled my fishing on Saturday due to extreme heat, I must confess I'd like to see just a little rain. A deluge this week and then a warm, muggy weekend would be perfect. Am I asking too much?

Thinking back to last year (such is the beauty of a blog, you can remind yourself instantly of what the fishing was like) Glastonbury weekend was warm but with some substantial rain... perfect: June 25th 2009


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vgb said...


Given the seasons this year being 1 month late,my forecast is for a wet end of July. Other than global warming, I blame Wimbledon for putting a new roof on centre court, as it has remained dry since it opened.