Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Large Dark Olives were pealing off the river today, making the most of the milder weather. Certainly seeing the duns fluttering through the air gives you the sense that spring is here and that can only mean one thing... the trout season is just around the corner...

Large Dark Olive Dun (Baetis Rhodani)

But, in search of the grayling today, there was nothing showing at the surface, so it was a caddis pattern on the dropper and a constant changing between PTNs and beaded nymphs on the point. The heavier caddis / shrimp pattern was helping to get down to the fish, especailly in the faster water. However, it was also the prefered choice of the fish.

A welcome grayling on the the heavy weight bug took in faster streamy water. The short-line approach worked a treat:

Another falls to the heavy bug:

Even a few out of season trout showed an interest in the pattern:

Working the water methodically gave plenty of takes and the grayling were gathering in fast and quite shallow water. The warmer air temperatures and recent rainfall has seen the rivers in fine condition. More rain is forecast which may put a stop to sport for a few days... so I'm watching the clouds.



Unknown said...

Thats a nice looking shrimp Dave. I see so many overdressed now days, yours looks super slim, and ideal for the winter months.

Nicholas Steedman said...

Nice one Dave, I've found Grayling fishing to be quite patchy recently. Certainly like the look of that fly! Were you on the Wylye? Nick

Anonymous said...

Very nice post indeed. Unfortunately I think your going to see spring before us but that doesn't stop me from getting excited about the upcoming trout season.

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Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks for the comments.

Nick - This the River Chew, just a few miles from home. Encouragingly, the fish seem to be moving into the shallower water..