Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wise Weighting.

Firstly, my apologies for taking so long between blog posts. Things are pretty hectic here, and the season hasn't even started! The rivers are looking very inviting and a trip to the river today found a few olives fluttering about. Infact, there was even the odd subtle rise; enough to get the imagniation brewing.

I trying to finish the photos for a couple of tying articles, plus some new additions to the River Fly Box tutorials. One of them is about using weight wisely, and I thought I'd share this simple tip with you here, now.

The idea isn't new and is so simple, but it amazes me just how few people employ the double bead. Try using a smaller bead behind the eye, followed by a second larger bead slid up the hook in a 'backwards' position - so that the recess fits into the first bead. A very easy way of increasing the weight, with the added bonus of being able to add a small amount of colour or flash. Two tungsten beads tied like this can give you a very heavy fly. If it's still not enough, then try an underbody of lead as well.

The usual bead position

The reversed second, larger bead. Secured with thread or even a lead layer

 Worth a look for those early season bugs. More soon, and hopefully you'll enjoy the full article soon. The hooks above are Varivas 2200BL and the tungsten beads are the real deal - from Funky Fly Tying.



Bill Trussell said...

I am really into the double bead thing, because one does not have to crimp lead to the line which I hate. I had much rather use the beadhead as opposed to lead on the line. Thanks for sharing this unique tie.

Fishtec blog said...

I think the double bead adds great character to a fly, especially the way you've shown changing the colour of the beads. Black and Silver make a great subtle, but contrasting colour. So many combinations!

May get exspensive if you use light leader though haha