Thursday, 27 December 2012

Grayling Day Cancelled 30/12/12

It's with regret that I have had to cancel the grayling day planned for the 30th of December.

I have been visiting the river and checking EA data and the river is (again) high and very coloured. Today’s visit found a very swollen and coloured river and the forecast suggests another significant fall of rain on  Friday and Saturday. Not only would the fishing be extremely difficult with these conditions, there is a safety aspect to consider too.

The pictures from this morning say it all really:



The Jassid Man said...


I have a reel exactly like the one on your picture at lower right. (Danielsson) has had a sale of theese reels that he calles TRADITIONAL since it was the first reel he invented. Now he has a lot of other reels too (found easily googling danielsson reels). Sad to hear that you had to cancel a grayling day. It must be wonderful to be able to fly fish all year round. Here up north in Sweden it's all frozen and covered with a couple of feet of snow now. Just have to wait for the spring. Keeping busy fly tying since I've offered a fly swap at my "tinyflies" blog and I have to ship some packs today to and then sit down at the vice again.

Greetings from a cold north,

The Jassid Man said...

Hi again!

Sorry for being unpolite! Naturally you're cordially invited to participate in the fly swap too if you feel up to it. Just check my "tinyflies" blog or send me a mail at and I'll respond ASAP.

Hope you get a shot at the grayling in another time,

Android said...

Story of the year Dave....