Saturday, 2 February 2013

Forward Planning

Things have been pretty hectic, hence the lack of recent posts on the blog. Some exciting plans in the pipeline too. Partridge are kicking things off with the 2013-season 'River Days' being arranged. I'll also be tying at a 'Partridge Day' later in the year. I'll post more details very soon.

I am also delighted to have been invited to tie at the BFFI again this year. This will be my fifth year tying there and I am as excited as ever. If you're free on the 22nd and 23rd of June, I highly recommend getting your self to the show.

The tying will blow you away and if you need any help with your casting, or just want to watch some of the best casters and instructors in the country, AAPGAI will be at the show giving demonstrations and some tuition.

Weather has continued to get in the way of the fishing, however I ventured out into the snow and was lucky anough to find some grayling. Snow and Grayling seem to go together so well.

The sun has been shining today and it's pretty hard not to let your imagination run into Spring time; thoughts turn to brown trout and even an early season Sea-Trout. Before then I have stacks of flies to tie and some new materials to explore. Indeed, I have some news coming up about a few new ventures for 2013 - watch this space!

My most successful sea trout fly last year - more to be tied for 2013!


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