Friday, 10 May 2013

Well, firstly my apologies for not updating the blog for such a long time! A house move has rather hampered my chances of getting to the computer and any spare time has been given over to getting on the river. It has been a tricky start to the season with cold winds and lower than average temperatures. I haven't fished much for myself so far, being pretty busy with teaching on the rivers and the lakes - and despite the weather, the sessions have been really successful.

I have been holding out for some better hatches and the recent warmer weather gave some good caddis hatches and kept the fish interested right into the fading light. That gave me some good dry fly sport - at last!

Last Sunday saw the Salisbury & District Angling Club's annual open day. It was a sunny and warm day and, being well attended, it was a busy and successful event. Running some casting sessions with other AAPGAI instructors, it was great to see such a high standard from may of the participants. Plus it's a great time to catch up with people and chat all things fishing.

Back on the river tomorrow for some teaching. Fingers crossed the rain doesn't spoil things.

Oh, and I'll get some pictures posted too. Just as soon as I figure out which box the USB cables are in...


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