Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wylye on the Mays

Reports have all been that Mayfly hatches have only just started on the chalkstreams, however the recent stable, warm weather has helped encourage our largest upwings to show themselves. And the trout are quick to respond.

An evening session on the Wylye found mainly caddis and gnats on the water. However the late arrival conincided with a hatch of Mayfly worth waiting for. In these upper reaches, the trout rarely run large with a 12" fish being a noticeable specimen. But these wild fish put up a spirited fight and, with a careful approach and thoughful casts, these beauties can be persuaded to engulf an imitation.

A typical Upper-Wylye Brown Trout

Disturbances under the far bank...

... were water voles on closer inspection. A wonderful sight.

An up-side-down Dun imitation beat the weed

A spinner feeding beauty at last light


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