Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cool waters

One of the many advantages of having access to chalkstreams is that, even when the temperatures sore, this filtered, clear water remains relatively cool. Whilst the brightness may remain, the fish are still willing to feed. Whilst the very best of the fishing can be found as dusk sets in, nymphing can result in some superb results, even during the hottest and brightest hours of the day:

Presenting a nymph to an actively feeding brownie

A handsome reward, taking a deeply fished nymph

Another super condition trout falling for the nymph

A solid fish, scoffing down nymphs

The crystal clear, cooler waters

2lb 8oz of brown trout



Anonymous said...

That is some of the prettiest water I've seen in years! And the browns fit that water so perfectly! Great post!!!

Unknown said...

Some tail on that brown, well done.