Thursday, 9 July 2009

CDC & Elk

Earlier in the week I shared some information (and my variations) of the IOBO Humpy, and to follow it I thought I'd share another classic pattern. A 'Heavyweight' in the dry-fly world - the CDC & Elk.

This is Hans Weilenmann's pattern and he really does have huge trust in it. He describes it as "Much more than just a 'better' caddis pattern". Whilst it started life as exactly that (a caddis imitation) it really does hold its own in many, many situations.

Fished dry, wet (there's a tungsten-diving version too) or damp, it lifts fish and persuades takes when nothing else seems too. I know many other anglers who swear by its charms too, be it in the middle of a caddis, mayfly, indeed 'anything' hatch.

Again, simple to tie, it sits right every cast and is very durable. Simple, elegant and effective. My preferred tyings have been on #19, #17 and #15 TMC103BL and they have done me proud on numerous occassions. Infact, its saved my bacon on more times than I care to remember.

The CDC body with the trailing fibres gives the impression of movement. The Elk wing gives a great profile and its ability to float like a cork.

Hans has produced a video, showing the tying procedure. Follow the link from the page.

I'm sure you've all met this superb pattern. I felt it couldn't go unmentioned here any longer.



Hansy said...

Love your blog..thanks for all the ideas.
Pete (New Zealand)

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks Pete. Good of you to make a comment. Please do visit again soon.