Sunday, 5 July 2009

IOBO Humpy Variants

Another pattern that has pulled a fish or two out of the bag for me this year is the IOBO Humpy. If you haven't met it the fly before (how?), it addresses the essence of fly tying to the max - incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective. A follow on from the original IOBO (It Oughta Be Outlawed), the IOBO Humpy was, as I understand it, originally tied by Jack Tucker. Click here for a little more info.

A superb pattern that floats like a cork, it matches everything and nothing, making it a really useful fly. Pictured above are a few variants of this fantastic fly, all tied in TMC 102Y #19. Below, a closer look at two of the options in my fly box:

If you haven't already done so, tie a few up and give them a swim. You won't be disappointed.



letumgo said...

I just bought a pack of tan CDC, so I will need to give these a try. Looks like a deadly pattern.

Thanks for sharing Jack Tucker's pattern.

Dave Wiltshire said...


No relation then? Thanks for the commets you've left on several posts. Great to know that people read and enjoy the blog. You support is very welcome.