Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sharing Ideas

The internet is a great resource for fly tyers and fishers, whether you are in search of materials, explanations of techniques, fishing or simply inspiration. Blogs and forums are not everyone's thing, but I find them to be most interesting: an opportunity to delve into someone else'e experiences, share ideas and share interests.

Here's a couple of patterns I discovered on a forum a while back. Tied by Mick Wilkes ("Sabsman") they epitomise my interest in fly dressing: simple but highly effective.

Proof that they work... I'm sure Mick won't mind me posting a photo of his success:

Mick has kindly sent me some photos of the step-by-step. Take a look at his blog: Mick's Fly Fishing Diary. It showcases some enviable fishing and success.



Geoff Ray said...

Nice flies. I couldn't agree more about the web. Unfortunately too many sites and not enough time.
Fair play to you for keeping up the posting with your new family to contend with, not sure I had the energy at that stage.


Sabsman said...

Thanks for the compliments on the flies Dave.
Nearly all my fly-tying inspiration derives from the web and blogs like yours, keep up the good work...its always a pleasure to read your latest entries.

Mick (sabsman)

dave lindsay said...

great read that one and lovley looking flies keep up the good work mate

shanksi said...

I find it amazing the amount of time and effort the guys like Dave, Sabsman, Davie McPhail etc put in to making their posts on the internet so us mere mortals have a great free reference library to use. Have tied a few like Micks (very loosely like) for the Earn on Saturday. Thanks again guys for all your hard work.