Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sparse or heavy parachute hackles?

Carrying parachute-hackled flies with different hackle densities widens your options:

Both paraduns are tied on Partridge SLD #20

Sparse; two turns of hackle:

Heavier, four turns of hackle:



Peter said...

Hi Dave,
I'm a novice at fly tying,can I ask what are the subtle differnces between how the two hackles fish [on a river] and under what circumstances?


Dave Wiltshire said...

Hi Peter,

On smoother, glassy glidea, you can get away with a more subtle footprint, whilst still having enough hackle to keep the fly bouyant. Fatser, more turbulent water may call for a denser hackle to keep it floating.

A more dense hackle will still catch you fish, but the sparse just gives you the option when the fish are that little bit more picky and wary.

Hope that helps a little,