Friday, 29 July 2011

A delightful but tough afternoon and evening on the Wylye. Starting condition were perfect, but an increase in cloud cover, an increasing breeze and a slight drop in temperature was enough to put the fish off. When the cloud broke and the sun shone through, the fish started to show interest again:

There were small grayling willing to play ball, happily rising to an F-Fly.

There were plenty of Mayfly (Ephermera Danica) fluttering about - this river shows late trickles of the large specimens. There were lots of nymph shucks floating down:

A loop emerger tied on a Partridge 15N 'Gold' did the business with some very selective trout:

Allowing plenty of slack line into the leader helped to overcome some tricky currents. I was pleased to put the net under a nice grayling:

My sincere thanks to Roger Fagan for the invitation to fish this beautiful part of the river. Challenging fishing makes the success you do have even more rewarding.


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