Saturday, 16 July 2011

Induce your own!

We have had some heavy rain roday and I had thought the chances of getting on the river was pretty slim today. But there was a decent break in the weather and I slipped out for just an hour before the sun disappeared.

I started with the nymph and managed to hook a decent grayling in some very skinny water. Perhaps that was my undoing, cause after a good few pulls, its twisting and turning earned it its freedom. There were no rises showing, but there were steadily a few caddis fluttering. So, on with a CDC caddis imitation, and I had three takes in three casts. Small fish hitting the fly hard - but nonetheless, they rose to an imitation when they were apparently disinteredt in the natural. I guess they were waiting for them to start appearing on the surface.

Always worth a shot as the light fades.


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Witham Piscator said...

I often find this the case especially if the timing is right