Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bugs of the Underworld

I have just been sent a copy of Ralph & Lisa Cutter's DVD 'Bugs of the Underworld'. It covers all the main groups of flies that we fly tiers are concerned about: Diptera, Trichoptera, Ephemerella, Plecoptera and Odonata (Zygoptera). The footage is simply superb and gives a real insight into, not only the lifecycle of these insects, but also their behaviour.

There is a link on youtube to give you a taster (although it's not my upload):

The more you can learn and experience of entomology (without a specific degree in it!), the more informed your fly tying can be. I am not suggesting that you have to know the classification names for each family or genus, but understanding the food of the fish you are trying to catch, realising how they behave under certain conditions and what this must look like from persepctive of the fish sould certainly further your success - both at the vice and the river.

The DVD has me asking some questions and confirming some answers. Simple, suggestive tying is definitely the key; but it has me pondering about colour of dry flies, translucency of shucks and the bouyancy of nymphs. Food for thought.



Lou DiGena said...

I purchased my copy a month ago and it's outstanding. Every tier should have a copy. The first time I saw it was at our TU meeting, and was sold.

It will change the way you design patterns.

Unknown said...

The DVD is great, especially the underwater footage is stunning. The hatching mayfly and midge sequences in particular were an eye opener for me.
Pity the DVD is based on Pacific US bugs, some of which are quite different from the European ones.
Never the less my friend who teaches hydrobiology on university found the DVD useful in his classes.

Dave Wiltshire said...

I agree it is a shame that European species are not the focus, however I think something can be learned from this DVD by every tyer.

As you say great underwater shots.