Friday, 5 February 2010

Dry Fly Boxes

My stocks for the start of the season are getting there, amongst a few examples for the clips at the Swedish Fly Fair ~ not long now.

A few 'biggies' for New Zealand style as an alternative to the Hi-Vis Caddis:

...and a few CDC duns & emergers:



Sabsman said...

Superb range of flies Dave,

I've been tying a few klinks the last couple of nights using the technique you demonstrated at the fly fair this year where you dub the body down from the thorax then twist the thread at the bottom and wind back up in open turns to create a rib.

It looks a real winner and I believe it could be a 'trigger point' as you suggested.

What dubbing have you used for the orange bodied flies?


shanksi said...

Very nice looking flies Dave. Will need to start tying a few up for the season start, not long now.


Nickolas Wright said...

Dont forget your DC shirt.

I am sending you some scissors is their anything else you need?

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks folks.

Mick: the dubbing is Orvis Spectrablend (Ginger). Have you tried this out yet? If not, I highly recommend it. If I was limited to just one synthetic, it would be this.


Sabsman said...

I haven't tried it out yet but Orvis Spectrablend is now on my next purchase list.

Thanks Dave.


Segundo said...

flies very good, congratulations!
you're an excellent tying
Sorry my english is very bad
a hug