Monday, 1 February 2010

High-Vis Caddis - New Zealand style / duo / trio

The High Viz Caddis is a new addition to the River Fly Box.

This pattern is very much based on Roman Moser's Balloon Caddis, and it is part of the fly box as a high-riding dry fly for fishing New Zealand style / duo. As it the balloon caddis wasn't obvious enough with its yellow, foam head, this incorporataes a a pink yarn sighter.

I am using elk for the wing, but deer hair is equally useful; There are full tying instructions here: High Vis Caddis.



Nickolas Wright said...

look good as a DC fly Dave

Dave Wiltshire said...


More than happy to add this one. Let me know.


shanksi said...

Very nice fly Dave. What foam would you say is the best to use for it?


Dave Wiltshire said...

To my mind, this is the best:


letumgo said...

Nice fly Dave. I enjoyed your step-by-step article and plan to try tying a few for spring.