Monday, 30 May 2011

We really have been faced with some tricky weather in recent days and when you are targetting spooky fish sitting in shallow water, presentation is key. This is made all the more tricky with a tough breeze swirling around you. But persistence gives you the chance to locate the fish and a well placed slack line cast, avoiding drag, gives you every chance of success.

The orange posted Parachute Emerger worked its magic quickly. It may not match the natural exactly, but the bright post allows you to easily watch the progress of the fly through the foam lines.

When the fish are seldom coming to the dry, a quick look under the stones gives you some clues as to their liley food source. There were plenty of Blue Winged Olive nymphs (Serratella Ignita) for the picking:
... alongside plenty of cased caddis. Gauging size is all important:

Stonefly nymphs were less common, but still worthy of an imitation or two:

A change to a CDC Parachute emerger sorted out the more fussy of fish. Small, perhaps, but still very welcome:

The pearly emerger - this fly sits perfectly in the surface film and, I am sure, the peral butt suggests a shuck. Wtahcing a fish head an tail over the fly is very satisfying:



Mary said...

fly fish reels are helpful to draw them back out of water.

Wild Brown Trout said...

Hi Dave,
Good to see you back on the blog, was getting worried about your absence. Delighted with the Hanak Spiral detector you recommended,will wait for the French Leader info with much interest. How are your regular waters faring with the falling levels? I think many river trout people must be seeing worrying levels.
Roger in Vobster

Mary said...

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