Friday, 27 May 2011

The welcome rain had coloured up the river slightly when I visited tonight, but it has done little for the levels. There was that uneasy sense that the river was quiet and although the occassional fish showed themselves, it was tough conditions. A tricky and persistant breeze required some careful casting and although I lost a good fish to the nymph, it was returning to a Klinkhamer that found success:

Perhaps the very best of the mayfly has passed, interupted by some very strong winds over the last week. Keeping an eye on the forecast will be key: some settled weather will be essential, but we continue to be in need of some steady rain.



mark-cpb.stewart said...

Nice one Dave, also had a dip in the local stream today. As you say rain needed for stream and the land.

Fish lethargic to say the least but managed 5 including a PB for the venue at 14 inches.

Mays not that evident so as you say may be over the hill, hope not.


Wild Brown Trout said...

Hi Dave, intersting to see that your water has similar malaise as my river. Water levels currently down about eighteen inches, am worrying that many farmers will be applying for licences to abstract and use water cannon\booms to irrigate vegetable crops. Meanwhile water authorities continue with millions of litres of abstraction a day. Falling levels not good for fisherman anywhere, saw in the news that the Lathkill in Derbyshire have had to rescue fish !
Roger F