Saturday, 23 May 2009

I clapped eyes on my first Mayfly of the year this evening. A prolific hatch it was not, but there were a few around. With the warm air, most seemed to make it air-bourne, but there were some making a real meal of breaking out of the surface; and a meal is exactly what they will become - just once the fish realise what they are! At the moment, most of fish seemed happy to be sipping black gnats with perhaps the odd olive being met by a splashy rise. The best is still very much yet to come: but they have made a start.

The weather has been stable over the past few days. The rain has helped, but the water is still clear. With such bright days, evening fishing is a real must to get in range of many of the fish. They are easily spooked and delicate casting is a must. Presentation is the key.

It is still small, simple flies that are needed at present. Here's a simple pattern to consider:

CDC Olive 'G'

Hook: TMC2489G #16
Thread: 10/0 Powersilk, olive
Abdomen / Rib: Tying Silk
Wing: CDC
Thorax: Rabbit


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