Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rain, CDC, rabbit and a little flash...

With the persistent rain this weekend, surely the rivers will soon be in perfect condition for some superb sport (touch wood!). The last few years' heavy rains have prevented any real chance of tackling the May-fly hatch properly on my local river. I'll be keeping a watchful eye on the forecast over the next couple of weeks with my fingers crossed and my hopes high. So with spectacular sport in mind...

Simplicity itself really. CDC loop emergers tied on a straight shank hook can be highly effective. Everything is happening right in the surface film and the addition of a flashy shuck sometimes gives the fly just that little bit extra.

Hook: TMC 531 #14 / TMC 102Y #21
Thread: 10/0 Powersilk, olive
Tail: DNA Frosty fibre, dark olive
Body: Rabbit, mix of underfur & guard hairs
Wing: Natural CDC (Khaki)


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