Thursday, 28 May 2009

Induced Take a Prerequisite

A couple of hours spent on the Wellow brook this afternoon was, as ever, a pleasure. There was very little rising, although a short lived hatch of olives did bring a flurry (10 minutes?) of activity. I lost my first fish which took a #16 bead-head nymph, but eventually found a small pod of brownies in a deeper channel. With the sun on the water, through polaroids it was easy to spot the fish - and amongst them were some bigger specimens. They simply ignored every nymph I presented to them - until I tried the induced take. Just a steady lift of the PTN up through the water was all that was needed to persuade a take. Several fish would follow the fly up. Some would turn away; others obliged. They were very accomodating and put up with my presence long enough for me to take a couple of fish (and miss some!). It reminded me of chalkstream grayling fishing. A change to #20 loop emerger gave me another positive take at the head of the pool before I left them to it.

~ Dave.

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