Saturday, 2 May 2009

Back Markers, Caenis & Black Midges

I managed a couple of hours on the river this evening.We had a little bit of rain this last week, so I secretly had high hopes for an evening fall and some obliging fish.

Sure enough, my starting pool showed signs of fish; a couple of subtle rises amongst a broken run. A #17 CDC & Elk proved attractive enough to a >very feisty wild fish and since I had made only half a dozen casts, things were looking good. A change to a PTN also brought some success in the next pool.

However, as the clock ticked, swarms of black midge started to appear and without doubt, the fish were happily feeding on them. A #18 black Klinkhamer was the choice, but it was hard going. However, fly choice was not proving the problem: instead these fish were very spooky.

As I fished up the runs, casting to the back markers, if I hooked, raised or just plain spooked a fish, that would call the end of the throughout the remainder of the pool. Delicate wading and accurate casting is a must on this fantastic stream - but when the fish are this cagey, it makes it very difficult. The exceptional water clarity did not help. I did see a couple of other anglers (unusual in itself). I wondered if they had fished this section making the fish even more edgy. Who knows?

It was good to be out though. Every minute on the river educates you further. Challenging fishing helps us to learn even more quickly. Especially if you manage a few wild treasures during the lesson.


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