Saturday, 2 April 2011

The 2011 season starts

Just an hour spent on the river this evening and I was lucky enough to find a few fish. They were rising to the midge that had been plentiful in the air all day. So the first few casts of the season were with the dry fly. Third cast and a perfectly marked brown trout took my size 18 F-Fly.



Anonymous said...

Now that is a nice trout. The spots are very prominent.

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Unknown said...

Just about the only insect on my river, are midge at the moment Dave.

But the bigger fish will not move to them, just the little ones.

Andy Baird said...

Third cast success is a strong start Dave, best for the season ahead... see you in the summer.


Unknown said...

You are a lucky fellow! The Czech rivers don't open till the 16th.