Sunday, 10 April 2011

With the temperature forecast to be a very unspring-like 20 degrees, I headed to the river a little earlier. There were plenty of caddis hatching and a few Large Dark Olives taking to the wing. Changing flies ensured the fish were willing to rise to the dry. Covering a persistent rising fish, I was suprised when my first fish of the day was not the trout I had expected, but an out of season chub:

Making my way up the stream, there were plenty of rishing fish and it wasn't long before the first trout can bouncing to the net.

Some big cased caddis: Finishing the morning with a better fish:


Dan Price said...

Lovely fish DW, you are lucky to have such beautiful water to fish!!

You sure the first fish is a chub? Looks very roachy to me, down turned mouth suggests atleast a hybrid.

Cheers Dan

Joao Dias said...

Muito bonitas essas trutas...Parabéns!
João Dias