Friday, 22 April 2011

April? Really? It feels more like the middle of August with high temperatures and low flows on the rivers. These conditions are tricky; usually some heavy flies on a short line pitched through the deeper runs are the order of the day during these early weeks of the season, but the last few days have seen the need for dry flies and small nymphs, cast to targetted fish. Spooky ones too - they simply will not tolerate any disturbance - and when you see a few fish bolting downstream of you, depsite your deftest casts and subtle foot steps, the thought must cross your mind of how many have dispersed upstream and just skewed your next pool? Challenging!

However, it would be all too easy to wait for better conditions and I have had the pleasure to fish and chat with some super characters this week. Plus we caught a few fish:

A tough evening with Nick S on Wednesday, but we both managed a couple of fish each and moved many more. Fish were taking midge and it was a Shuttlecock emerger (#18) that did the business:

Nick takes a fish as darkness begins to fall, and the fish grew in confidence:

Another well marked wild fish for Nick:

A small fish for me to an emerger:

Nick casts into a likely looking run. Incredibly, many of the typical spots seemed devoid of fish; the brighter conditions forcing them to seek sanctuary in the deeper pools:

Crystal clear waters:

Thursday was a 'Let's Tackle Cancer' charity day with myself and Vince Brandon guiding Peter Anderson and Pete Tyjas in some very tricky bright and warm conditions:

Peter Anderson makes a great cast into a bubbling pool:

The end of the beat found a fish for Peter just before lunch:

Pete Tyjas hooks a lump and that flexes his cane rod:

Pete extends to het the line off the water as he guides the duo through a fast, deep pool:

A small fish for me (by accident!):

Pete T throws a nice cast into some very glassy water. Nice loop Pete! Narrow enough for you?

A great couple of days. Thanks to all.


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