Monday, 25 April 2011

Temperatures are due to drop a little next week, and due to the clear skies, it is forecast that there will be a few frosts. The Wellow yesterday evening seemed a little still with very few fish showing themselves, and I wondered if this was a change in air pressure creeping up on us earlier than expected. Looking at the sunshine today, perhaps not. The River Chew was certainly more forgiving this morning. Faced with these less than ideal conditions, it is worth keeping your options open, choosing the 'Duo' ( New Zealand style, nymph and dry fly).

Easter Sunday evening, on the Wellow:

Vince makes a cast into some deeper water.

Eventually, a fish fooled by the size 18 tungsten PTN, comes to hand:

A fighting fit, wild brown trout:

Fishing the River Chew this morning for just an hour or so, it was a slightly different story. Although there were only a few fish willing to rise, they were clearly feeding well and the duo worked its magic again, finding fish in all the likely looking haunts.

A good, solid lump that was eager to take me into all the roots ~ a healthy bend in a #1 rod...

Another beatifully marked fish, this time falling for the dry fly:

The tungsten PTN was working well, getting down the to fish quickly:

Another fish on the dry fly, this time an example with a paddle like tail:


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Unknown said...

The duo is my first to go when nothing is moving. What size bead do you use on an 18s?