Friday, 15 April 2011

Grannom were hatching well yesterday afternoon and there were plenty of fish responding. Starting fly choice was an F -Fly and this produced immediate response and a few fish to hand. Fish were rising quickly to the fly and I missed a few takes, prompting me to move to an emerger style - tied on a Varivas 2200BL hooks - alternating between size 18 and 20 patterns. Although smaller than the natural, they were confident to rise to these offerings.

An emerger-style was required to convert the missed takes into successful hook-ups: Plenty of slack was required in the leader to prevent drag. Any hint of unnatural movement in the fly rendered it ignored. Progressing up the stream, I reached faster, streamier water. With so many fish moving to naturals, it was difficult to see takes to my fly, especially amongst the foam lines - and the fly need to be in them to be accepted. So it was a switch to a Hi-Vis balloon caddis (pink sighter) and this continued to bring the fish up:

It is encouraging to see plenty of flies hatching and the fish responding. We are being treated to some decent weather at the moment, and with fish hungry after a cold winter, we are being treated to some really enjoyable sport.



Phillip said...

Lovely fish.

Unknown said...

Some nice posts recently Dave.

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