Tuesday 25 June 2013

BFFI 2013

Just back from the British Fly Fair 2013. What a great show it was again. Great to see so many friends and to meet the many people that came over to chat and watch me tie some flies. My special thanks to those that made the effort to watch my demonstration each day.

A busy weekend meant that it was tricky to find the time to take pictures, but here are a few:

Gareth Lewis, tying superb flies

Alex Jardine on the Partridge stand

Always good to catch up with Georgr Barron

AAPGAI casting demos and tuition were available

Stunning flies by Peter Smith

Jim Lees - my neighbour for the weekend

Paul and Karl mid-demo


Saturday 15 June 2013


As expected, the Mayfly are starting to wane and the fish have been becoming super selective. A spent spinner pattern has been the best bet on the river. Interestingly, the stillwaters seem to be picking up and ants are firmly on the menu - the same is true on the rivers too - very Summer like. A shame the weather doesn't agree:

Mayfly spinners filling the air

Sedge and midge fill the air as the sun goes down

This pretty fish fell for a spinner imitation

At full stretch for Mike as he nets a super fish

This weekend was the Longleat Fishing and Country Fair and it was conducted under changeable skies. It's always great to be at these events and I really hope this show will become a permanent entry in the calendar for future years.


Sunday 9 June 2013

Rising Hopes

June's a busy month with the Mayfly still putting in an appearance and, encouragingly, there are huge numbers of black gnat on the water. Unsuprisingly, the fish are becoming a little picky now at times, although they remain keen to hoover up spent spinner that find their way on the water later into the evening. Switiching to a terrestrial imitation gives you a great chance of picking off wary fish.

June heralds the next British Fly Fair, to be held again and the Staffordshire Show Ground on the 22nd and 23rd of the month. Always a great event, there are tying and casting demonstrations throughout the day.

Follow the link for more details: BFFI 2013

Do come over and say Hello if you are visiting.


Monday 3 June 2013

How to become hooked...

Well done to 8 Year Old Annabel who spent an afternoon with me learning to cast. I was delighted that she completed the session by hooking and landing a super rainbow trout:

Bending into a fish, encouraged by her brother Rory

Annabel with her first Rainbow Trout

Well done Annabel!


Sunday 2 June 2013

Wylye on the Mays

Reports have all been that Mayfly hatches have only just started on the chalkstreams, however the recent stable, warm weather has helped encourage our largest upwings to show themselves. And the trout are quick to respond.

An evening session on the Wylye found mainly caddis and gnats on the water. However the late arrival conincided with a hatch of Mayfly worth waiting for. In these upper reaches, the trout rarely run large with a 12" fish being a noticeable specimen. But these wild fish put up a spirited fight and, with a careful approach and thoughful casts, these beauties can be persuaded to engulf an imitation.

A typical Upper-Wylye Brown Trout

Disturbances under the far bank...

... were water voles on closer inspection. A wonderful sight.

An up-side-down Dun imitation beat the weed

A spinner feeding beauty at last light