Friday, 29 June 2012

Small Stream Success

Frankly, show me any piece of running water and I cannot help becoming excited at the prospect of casting a fly. Even the tiny sluice that pours through my local village is enough to get the rod arm twitching - even though it's unlikely to hold anything too impressive in all of it 6" maximum depth! But it doesn't matter. Small streams are where my fly fishing began; perhaps that why it still gets me feeling like a child at Christmas.

 I thought I'd share my thoughts on tackling small stream success - whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro. So here's a short piece I wrote for Fly Fishing Point highlighting how to get the best out of these diminutive waterways:

Fly Fishing Point: Small Stream Success


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

BFFI 2012: 10 year Anniverary

Just a few pictures from the weekend. Thanks to all those that came over to chat:

Yours truly chatting about tiny flies
Swedish tyer, Martin Priyan Angnell
Gareth Lewis tying in style
Jindra Lacko, representing the Czech Republic
Maxia rods making their debut at the BFFI
Karl Humphries (AAPGAI) discussing casting

Discussing the finer points of stance and the cast
George Barron - always popular at the show

Roy Christie - experienced BFFI tyer
Congratulations to all the BFFI team. A brilliant show.


Monday, 11 June 2012

The sea-trout itch

It happens every year: the sea-trout itch; and you just cannot leave it! I know many anglers that cannot see the delight in setting out at dusk and fishing into the night. Certainly when things are quiet, the sight of a lit cottage in the distance with smoke pouring from the chimney seems a far better prospect than a dark river bank. But as the fly swings across the current and you feel that sudden pull and tightening... Hard to be beaten.

A beautiful, fresh sea-trout from the River Axe (caught by Nick Steedman)

Lee Cummings, AAPGAI Master, offers some sound advice on setting about catching a sea-trout safely. Enjoy!

Spate River Sea Trout Fly Fishing Madness - by Lee Cummings



Sunday, 10 June 2012

Back to the small stuff

OK, so the weather's unsettled at the moment, but I actually think we have been served a real gem of a spring. After a very mild winter, the rivers were in desperate need of a good flushing and that's exactly what we got. River levels rose a little and the unwanted silt and weed that had gathered across many of the beds of my local streams were washed clear. Then came the warm spell of beautiful summer-like evenings, coninciding with some of the most spectacular mayfly displays I have seen for a while. Fish responded to the fresh water and offering of cracking Danica spinner falls.

Whilst there are still some Mayfly to be seen and on some rivers the fish will happily target them, the beginning of June heralds the start of 'Summer' fishing proper. Smaller olives patterns, caddis imitations and terrestrial patterns all come into play. Great stuff! Don't get me wrong ~ I love the Mayfly weeks as much as anyone, but there is something very reassuring about the return to smaller patterns, lighter tippets and the challenge of seeking out a lunker feeding any an array of different insects.

The CDC Dun - click on the photo for a tying tutorial

Slim, sparse & tapering bodies are required ~ keep them dainty

The foam beetrle ~ click on the photo for a tying tutorial
The BFFI 2012 is nearly upon us. I'll be tying there again this year, but only on the Saturday. I'll be concentrating on these smaller Summer patterns. If you visit, please come over and say 'Hello'.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Eat, Sleep, Fish: Issue 6

Another superb issue of ESF. A really great article is included on the wiggle cast, by Jim Williams:

Just click on the picture to read this edition.


Uffe's Killer - a new addition to the River Fly Box

I mentioned my success using Uffe's Killer during the fantastic Mayfly spinner falls we have been having. I am delighted to be able to include the tying tutorial for this pattern on the River Fly Box. My sincere thanks to Ulf Hagstrom, friend and genius fly tyer, for letting me include the pattern:

Tying Uffe's Killer


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fish spotting

 Careful observation is key when searching for bigger fish. Sometimes it is their shadows that give them away; other times you have to look carefully for the solid outline of the fins. This is a fish of approx 3lb lying in an otherwise apparently featureless spot.