Wednesday, 27 November 2013


It's grayling time and the Gammarus imitations are on the menu. I'll be tying some of these at this weekend's IFISH show:


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Some River Fly Box goodies available:

As we approach the winter, I have a few offers / last minute sessions available -partly due to cancellations (and partly because we are not a million miles from the festive season!)

If you're interested in booking any of the following, please email me here

Or call me: 07711432055

Sunday 24th November - 4 hour casting lesson (morning) - now only £75 (usually £90)

Sunday 8th December - 4 hours casting lesson (morning) - now only £75 (usually £90)

Sunday 15th December - 4 hours casting lesson (morning) - now only £75 (usually £90)

I also have some fly selections available - some cancelled orders (hence a very low price!) and also some boxes I have from preparation for the IFISH show at the end of the month:

60 River Dry Flies in threader box -  - NOW SOLD

12 Mayfly dries - in plastic partitioned box - usually £30 - now just £25 posted
(2 sets available)

Grayling Bug selection (12 flies) - in plastic partitioned box - usually £30 - now just £25 posted
 (2 sets available)

 CDC Dries (12 flies) - in plastic partitioned box - usually £30 - now just £20 posted
(2 sets available)


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Peak condition and another record.

Another record set then for temperatures? I have heard that October should hit the books for being one of the warmest on record - and that has had a significant impact on the fishing. By the start of November I have usually started my grayling fishing with real enthusiasm. But my nearest rivers remain low and, whilst the chalkstreams are but a stone's throw away, it just doesn't feel right - when the temperatures remain upwards of 15 degrees.

Cased-caddis aplenty

In the last week or so, the winds have been strengthening and the rain has been falling - and colouring up the river. Prospects are good and there are plenty of cased caddis providing a food reserve throughout the winter months. Despite tricky weather and river conditions, I have still been able to deliver some casting lessons and even a little bit of guided fishing - but on stillwaters, chasing rainbows. And it is here that the fish have remained active in the upper layer - clearly hungry and on the look out for late season food.

A solid rainbow ~ the dry fly continues to tempt

It has been more like summer- stalking big rainbows in the shallows - because that is where they are hanging out. So it has been crunchers and mini-lures in the top 12" of water... and even some dry fly action.

3lb 12oz of out of season brownie...

... heading back

3lb 8oz of fighting fit rainbow

So, whilst I am in the midst of completing plenty of tying, I am secretly looking forward to the temperatures bottoming out - and the lady of the stream finding some buddies to shoal up with. I will hopefully be reporting back with news of a few 'big-girls' in the net. As I write, the rain is falling - and hopefully giving the rivers a much needed boost.