Monday, 23 September 2013

Partridge Midge Supreme

The Summer months and then on into the back end of the trout season, often call for small, terrestrial fly imitations. In a recent article in  Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, I discussed the merits of the smaller fly and some of the techniques to get the most out of fishing these tiny offerings. They are my first choice throughout a huge part of the fishing season.

Partridge have introduced a hook pattern specifically to help us imitate these small flies - their 'Midge Supreme.

First impressions are very good and I'll be posting some examples in due course.

I'll also be giving these hooks an airing at the IFISH show at the end of November. I hope to see some of you there.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

I was joined by Juan and Ale, from Argentina, who wanted to sample some UK fishing - and what better place to be than a crystal-clear chalkstream. It was pretty tough going, but both managed to connect with fish - and on the dry fly too!

Juan with his first ever grayling

Ale covers a rise
Well done to both - a pleasure to be out with you. Now, I just need to get myself over to Argentina!


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Remembering Mark.

It was a sad moment when I heard that Mark Libertone, known as 'Soft Hackle' on many forums, passed away this week. Although I felt I knew him as a friend, I strangely never met Mark in person. We had many conversations and exchanges from across the pond over the internet, on many forums and different networking sites. I valued his input and thoughts. His approach was always kind and considered.

Mark will stick on my mind as a master in the world of fly tying - and whilst he tied other styles of flies, it's spiders and soft hackles I will remember him for. He was truly passionate about the subject and his knowledge vast.

I thought I'd share some of Mark's flies; such simple and beautiful creations:

More of Mark's flies can be seen here: Mark Libertone

My thoughts are with his family.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Still Looking Up

As I write, there is at last some rain falling and the wind is blowing hard. In anticipation of the change in conditions, it seems the fish have been feeding hard in preparation for less settled weather. On the rivers it has been terrestrial patterns that have scored more than anything else. The fish are quite willing to rise and a well presented beetle pattern has been the undoing of some beautiful brownies.

To avoid the wind and rain, I rearranged a few things and too first time fly fisher Richard a day earlier to get him casting and chasing some fish. Tackling rainbow trout usually means the chances of success are somewhat improved and it didn't take long before Richard felt the draw on the line and a super-charged 'bow pulling against him. But it was great to get him into some rising fish - certainly a sure fire way of enthusing someone new to the sport.

A solid fish to kick off the session

Richard with his first fly caught fish

Back guiding on the chalkstreams soon - and hoping this break in the weather will have stirred things up.