Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer nights...

Whilst our beloved chalkstreams are looking peachy, other local rivers are finding themselves at summer levels. That makes fishing pretty tricky. In the day, it has been the long leader that has produced the goods. The stealth and presentation it offers really does help you to get amongst the fish. However, it's the evenings where the action really is. There are plenty of sedge around and fish will happily feed right into the darkness. There are the first signs of the Blue-Winged -Olive spinners littering the water too - afeeding opportunity the fish will make the most of. I have been lucky to get into some decent fish in the evenings... but the best is very much yet to come!

A 3.5lb brownie from the River Test

A client from last weekend into a great fish

Stunning dry fly sport with fish of this size
A late evening stalked fish chomping BWOs and sedge.