Monday 28 September 2009

Out of all the dry flies tied and ready for action, it is the CDC loop emerger that ticks all the boxes for me. I know I post variations on this theme alot, but trust me, they are a worthy addition. Big rivers, tiny freestone streams, brooks, chalk streams and vast reservoirs have all seen this style of tying persuade fish. Here's another alternative to hopefully whet the appetite:

Hook: TMC 212Y #17
Thread: Sheer 14/0 tan
Abdomen: Wapsi Superfine, olive
Rib: Tying thread, darkened with black permanent marker
Thorax: Rabbit
Wing: Natural CDC


Friday 25 September 2009

Another couple to share. Firstly a change of bead and wire colour to the brassie can make all the difference when the fish are being picky. Who knows exactly how colour is perceived by the fish, but certainly a slight change can make the difference between success and a dry net.

The Brassie Rouge:

Hook: TMC 2487 #14 - #20
Bead: Tungsten 'Nymph-Head'
Body: UTC Ultra wire, red
Thorax: Synthetic claret, split thread

Next, a tiny offering that works well either trailed behind a dry fly, NZ style, or in conjunction with a bigger nymph. This is the answer to those days where the fish seem willing to hit only small offerings. Fir the sacrificial bug, I would suggest a dark, drab offering - since when picky enough to only take sub #20 nymphs, a large, flashy bug may just spook them:

Titchy Brassie:

Hook : TMC 2488 #22
Body: Copper wire, fine
Thread: 14/0 Sheer, orange
Thorax: Synthetic olive / yellow


Thursday 24 September 2009

Depth Charge

Autumn colours have started to creep in and whilt the dries are still persuading a few fish (I lost a cracking fish at Chew Valley Lake last weekend...), I can't help but get the feeling that we'll be heading deeper for the fish in only a few more weeks. So as the river bugging box starts to get the overhaul, here's a favourite for those deeper pockets.

Hook: TMC 2487 #14 - #20
Bead: Tungsten 'Nymph-head'
Body: Copper wire
Thread: 14/0 Sheer, orange
Thorax: Hare (split thread)


Tuesday 15 September 2009


Spiders are great fun to fish, simple to tie and hugely effective. I've had some good success fishing them 'washingline style' - a dry on the point and a spider on the dropper. This slightly palmered hackle (Stewart style) allows it to ride that little bit higher:

Hook: Kamasan B175 #16
Thread: Pearsall's silk #5
Hackle: Grizzle, olive hen (Ewing)


Sunday 13 September 2009

A style of emerger I have posted several times, but here's a version with some argentinian hare sent to me from the Fly Tying Boutique. It dubs beautifully and makes a really interesting and busy thorax region that could suggest struggling legs or damp wings:

Hook: B100 #14
Thread: 14/0 sheer
Nymph shuck / abdomen: Porcupine quill
Thorax: Argentinian hare
Wing: CDC, natural


Saturday 12 September 2009

700 Teeth by Ulf Hagstrom

Please do take the opportunity to visit this great site set by Ulf Hagstrom, dedicated to pike fly-fishing.

Another great resource; pike fly-fishing can produce some stunning sport. Take a look and enjoy: 700

Fly-caught Pike from Chew Valley lake, DW


Wednesday 9 September 2009

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Back to old tricks

Well eventually I have made it back online and can start to post more regularly. House moves always seem to take longer than you think and now the computer and tying bench are back in action, we're back in business. Sorry to those that have visited the site and found such a shortage of updates. Fishing has been hard recently and nearly all my trips have stuggled to find the fish moving and feeding with any real enthusiasm. Warm September weather apparently beckons (ever hopeful) and the fishing will improve!

I thought I'd share a couple of flies I was recently sent from a swap. So Ray (Letumgo) and Vern-o if you're reading this, thanks very much guys - stunning flies! A little bigger than some of the flies I use, so these are set for the display.

Copperstone Blonde, size 4. Tied by Ray 'Letumgo' Tucker

Golden Stone, size 4. Tied by Vern-o

More soon...