Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Back to old tricks

Well eventually I have made it back online and can start to post more regularly. House moves always seem to take longer than you think and now the computer and tying bench are back in action, we're back in business. Sorry to those that have visited the site and found such a shortage of updates. Fishing has been hard recently and nearly all my trips have stuggled to find the fish moving and feeding with any real enthusiasm. Warm September weather apparently beckons (ever hopeful) and the fishing will improve!

I thought I'd share a couple of flies I was recently sent from a swap. So Ray (Letumgo) and Vern-o if you're reading this, thanks very much guys - stunning flies! A little bigger than some of the flies I use, so these are set for the display.

Copperstone Blonde, size 4. Tied by Ray 'Letumgo' Tucker

Golden Stone, size 4. Tied by Vern-o

More soon...



letumgo said...

Dave, My jaw dropped with I opened your blog and saw my fly. Thank you for taking the time to post the picture. It was an honor to swap flies with you (and the other gents). None of the original flies will ever be fished. It was wonderful to finally hold one of your flies in my hand for careful study and inspiration.

Kudos on keeping this wonderful blog going.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks for the support Ray. Fine, fine additions to the collection.

VERN-O said...

Dave....I really love your blog, some great stuff....I had dropped by a few times and mark gave me the heads up that you had posted the stone.....ps really dig your business card that you included in the swap as well...looks great....when are you coming to the US for some fishing?

VERN-O said...

Ray gave me the heads up...my bad...need sleep!!! Ray I swear I call you Mark at least 20 times in my head before I can get Ray to come out....uugghh sorry

Dave Wiltshire said...

No worries Vern-O. Beautiful flies ;)