Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Autumn's knocking

It always surprises me when you reach mid-August how the light seems to start disappearing that little bit earlier. Always looking forward to the the next season, Autumn is always full of reward. Having been wetting a line in search of bass, it has been nice this week to get back on the chalk, chasing grayling and trout. Both are in fine condition and the last week has given some superb sight fishing opportunities.

Having just got back from guiding, I thought it time to share a few pictures from this week:

A cracking grayling falling for the French leader presentation

Guiding Colin on Wednesday, we were working through a series of techniques. Having never fished a chalkstream before he lacked the confidence the fish nymphs. By the end of the day he had managed to catch using the French leader, the dry fry and classic upstream nymphing - all sight fishing. Well done Colin!

A good grayling on the upstream nymph

This spotty fell for a sedge imitation