Sunday, 15 June 2014

And they delivered...

The lack of blogging is proportional to the lack of time! Not that I can complain - I have managed a lot of fishing and we have been blessed with some cracking insect activity to get the fish feeeding. The Mayfly has been excellent and I have been fortunate to latch into some huge hatches. But the gnats have been on the water in force this year and they have offered the chance of some excellent dry fly fishing in place of the fabled hatches on upwinged species. Long may this continue - and I would fully expect it to in one form or another as we move into the warmer months.

There have plenty of HUGE sedge showing themselves too and this gives some great late night fishing - and it is worth staying after darkness has fallen and colour in the leaves has disappeared.

A small river trout, taking black gnats

Feeding in a foam line, knocking off clusters of black gnats

One of the mayfly

A beauty from the Wylye

Rain doesn't dampen the mayfly's attempts to hatch

A large sedge feeder at last knockings

More soon - and with greater frequency - I promise!