Tuesday, 26 June 2012

BFFI 2012: 10 year Anniverary

Just a few pictures from the weekend. Thanks to all those that came over to chat:

Yours truly chatting about tiny flies
Swedish tyer, Martin Priyan Angnell
Gareth Lewis tying in style
Jindra Lacko, representing the Czech Republic
Maxia rods making their debut at the BFFI
Karl Humphries (AAPGAI) discussing casting

Discussing the finer points of stance and the cast
George Barron - always popular at the show

Roy Christie - experienced BFFI tyer
Congratulations to all the BFFI team. A brilliant show.



David said...

Thanks Dave,

Looking forward to tying the cdc emerger with mylar tag. What size was the mylar by the way and where do you source it.

Thanks for the tips


Dave Wiltshire said...

Hi David,

1/16th of an inch for #20 through to #14.

Glad it was useful ;)