Monday, 11 June 2012

The sea-trout itch

It happens every year: the sea-trout itch; and you just cannot leave it! I know many anglers that cannot see the delight in setting out at dusk and fishing into the night. Certainly when things are quiet, the sight of a lit cottage in the distance with smoke pouring from the chimney seems a far better prospect than a dark river bank. But as the fly swings across the current and you feel that sudden pull and tightening... Hard to be beaten.

A beautiful, fresh sea-trout from the River Axe (caught by Nick Steedman)

Lee Cummings, AAPGAI Master, offers some sound advice on setting about catching a sea-trout safely. Enjoy!

Spate River Sea Trout Fly Fishing Madness - by Lee Cummings




cofisher said...

Ha! Well said. The tug is the drug!

Nicholas Steedman said...

I'm beginning to get the itch too!