Thursday, 27 November 2008

Why begin?

Everyone has their 'thing', their 'interest', their 'passion'. For me, fly fishing and tying flies draw together my interest in the outdoors, science, art and relaxation whilst offering continual, new challenges. More than that - you never stop learning.

I see the blog an opportunity to share some ideas and thoughts; a chance to air ideas about this fascinating interest. Over the last few year I have found great pleasure in sharing ideas. I hope the blog allows to me to progress even further with this, letting me post my thoughts, creations and findings about the pursuit of catching wild trout and grayling with a fly.

Those that read the blog that share my interest in fly fishing, I hope, appreciate why I have started it, enjoy reading it and may even contribute. I hope that those readers that have never experienced fly fishing read it with interest and understand why people become so absorbed in this great past-time and sport

Thanks for looking,

Dave Wiltshire.

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