Monday, 15 February 2010

I was making my way through some photos when I came across some from a trip to the Dorset coast a few years back. Enjoying a pint in the pub, we noticed white-bait being chased into the shingle beach - a sure sign of mackerel shoals. A quick run back to pick up a rod, and the excitement commenced, searching for the fish.

Not long before they showed themselves again, a quick cast through the gusting head wind, followed by some fast retrieving, it was not long before I hooked a fish. They may be small, numerous and easy to catch, but on light tackle they can provide some great sport. This could be the best way to get someone into fly fishing.

What's more, it gave a few fish for the barbeque - and they don't get fresher than that!



letumgo said...

Oh man that looks like fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Dave.

Dave Wiltshire said...

Thanks Ray. It's easy sport when you find the shoals, but can be great fun. About the only time when fly choice is immaterial...

As I said, it must be one of the best ways to get soemone hooked on fly fishing - or indeed any type of fishing. Fast, furious sport and they put up a great scrap for such small fish (each one running to no more than a pound!).