Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I was pleased to see the river looking clear and clean yesterday. Clearly the pollution risk from the day before had not made it down to the lower sections. In truth, the river needs a good push of water to liven things up. I found the fish to be spooky and showing little interest in feeding. It'll be evening sessions that score.

There were a few olives hatching, but there were sedge showing in better numbers. A few turned stones exposed many cased caddis - hence the success of the cased patterns.

There were a few solid rises to be heard, but many were tucked away amongst the dense scrub at the side. No cast could get amongst this lot!



will h said...

Good to hear things look ok after the 'milking'. Long live the wellow!

vgb said...

Nice pictures Dave. My cased caddis did not have the body of yours despit adding squirrel fur. Perhaps I should send it for a workout.