Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In the pink

Pink is a great attracter for Grayling and I have regularly found pink flies to out-fish more sombre patterns - Sometimes in coloured water, but also in crystal clear but very cold water.

Here's a version of the tungsten back shrimps, bringing a splash of colour to pattern:

These shrimp imitations fish 'upside down':

Hook: Partridge YK4G #16
Thread: Moser Powersilk 10/0, olive
Underbody: Hare's mask, light
Legs: Grey squirrel
Ballast: Tungsten shrimp back, pink



calhighet said...

cheers dave! another classy fly. Shall try this on the Eden!

mrkorky said...

Very good looking flies. What size bidoz for what size hook? (Bearing in mind too that you've got a hair hackle in front). Many thanks

mrkorky said...
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Anonymous said...

What a great fly, and perfectly tied!

Good work!