Monday, 21 February 2011

The reliable GRHE

It's one of those answers to the 'If you could only carry half a dozen flies...' question. It may have started life as a dry fly, but the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear makes a very fine nymph. A good early season searching pattern, with a decent tungsten bead it can make its way through the deeper channels and runs where the fish will be lying.

On the RFB tutorial, I am using a Varivas 2120WB hook. The wave barbless has an interesting profile, especially at the point, but I have been impressed by its hooking capability. I have several friends tying their dries on them too.

Keep things simple: A black or gold coloured tungsten bead and I like just three (or so...) turns of the gold rib.

I like to the hare's mask to ensure there are plenty of spikey, buggy guard hairs that give this fly its pulling power.



Unknown said...

Hi, I guess nothing can replace the classics, but I for small nymphs I tie also these:

Photo is not so good :-) The rib is crystal flash - to me is very effective. The hackle is CDC.

Dave Wiltshire said...


I can see why it works so well. Lovely tying ;-)


Unknown said...

Season starts soon :-) March is close.