Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Addition to the RFB: The Foam Beetle

The River Fly Box: Tying the Foam Beetle

This addition to the River Fly Box has been a long time coming. It's a superb little pattern that has served me well. I have huge confidence in its ability to move even very picky fish ~ add to that the simplicity, it is a top pattern in my fly box.

I hope the tutorial helps and that you also find success with the pattern. Not confined to running water, this also works well when fished loch style, pitched in front of rising fish.

The River Fly Box: Tying the Foam Beetle



Peter said...

Many thanks for this Dave

Witham Piscator said...

I find these beetles great fish catchers as well, but tell me ..your wedge of foam is it a narrow taper tied initially by the point?

Dave Wiltshire said...

That is correct WP.

Super pattern that has served me well.


Peter said...

one final question on the beetle pattern if I may? I have a shed load of polycellon to use up. Is this suitable for the beetle body or is there perhaps some other type of foam I could use;one that is more pliable?