Sunday, 1 April 2012

Opening Day

Opening day of the 2012 season: the River Wellow. Without any significant rainfall for some time, as expected, the river was low and suprisingly clear. Rising fish were evident from the off and anticipation was high.

Vince makes the first cast with the 'Duo'

 The river was bright and clear and it wasn't long before the trout started to take an interest in a CDC emerger. Out of practice perhaps, as the first rise was missed only to to see another attempt finish in a swirl and flash of golden flank. It's great to back on the water!

The water was painfully low in places and there was a lot of fine silt and blanket weed covering the bottom. The river is in need of a decent flush of water. The picture below drives this home as, three years ago, Vince stood in a very similar spot and the river was above his knees!

Eventually we found few fish shoaled up and change to a Tunsten PTN found a positive take. It was great to feel a wild brown bid for freedom. The season's account was opened:

One on a Tungsten PTN
A few more rises followed, but the fish were still somewhat lethargic. They were also very easily spooked (considering the time of year especially) and the whole system is in need of some water. It is great to be out again through in search of these wild, butter-bellied beauties.



The Jassid Man said...

Lovely stream and beautiful weather with gorgeous trout! Who could ask for moore?

VGB said...

Top day Dave, it's good to be out again. There are a few aches an pains in my legs today, another year has passed. Was your leader straight through or tapered?