Sunday, 13 May 2012


It's been a good year for Hawthorns and they're still flying now. Get out if the wind blows and you could be on for some good sport.

My imitation above:
Hook: Varivas 2200BL-B
Thread: Sheer 14/0
Legs: knotted PTN
Body: Black/ peacock spectrablend
Wing: CDC



Dougie said...

Hi Dave,

I'll start by saying "Nice Fly" and quickly move on to a question on hooks. I'm in the process of switching to 100% barbless and have been researching Varivas but I hear some terrible stories about the 2200bl-b, would you be willing to recommend this hook ?.


Dave Wiltshire said...

I use the BL-B a great deal. A great profile. Not sure what the terrible stories are.

I have not found any problems with it; however it is worth remembering that it is a fine wire pattern.


Dougie said...

The main horror story I hear about this hook is that it will straighten under pressure from a decent fish, I've never used the hook but I see a few good tyers like it and it looks a nice shape. I'll give it a go, thanks for the reply.