Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fining Down

With the river having been punished over the last few months, it is very pleasing to see the water starting to drop back within its banks and the colour to disappear. With that, the whole system starts to look very promising for some winter grayling. The fish are hungry too, and with the slowing of current and change in clarity, the fish are certainly happy to feed.

I am reliably informed that we are due a cold snap and I'll be watching the forecast with care. However, today was unseasonably warm and there was even the suggestion of a few olives hatching. Well, at 10 degrees and upwards, I am not surprised.

Aim of the day was to catch Mike Snelson his first grayling of the season and it wasn't long before he was working his heavy bugs through some very inviting water. Soon enough, his efforts were rewarded and he was able to slide the net under a very handsome grayling.

Mike leans into a grayling

Well done Mike; a fine fish:

The lady of the stream, in the net

Returning fish safely is imperative, but grayling need special care. Hold them in the flow for as long as they need. With very big grayling, their recovery can take a very long time. It's always reassuring to see them kick and slip back into the depths, just as this fish did shortly after obliging for the release photo :

The fish kept coming too and after nudging a couple of fish from one pool, eventually the rod bent into a decent fish:

Mike slides the net under another fish

Fresh water mussels have been deposited on the banks after the floods



Bill Trussell said...

Great looking streams you are fishing--it looks like you were doing some high sticking in one of the images---what length fly rod were you using? thanks for sharing

Dave Wiltshire said...

Hi Bill, Mainly Czech nymhing, but high sticking where necessary. There is some deep water where it really helps. 10' rods are the norm for me and that is exactly what we were using in the photos. Best wishes, Dave.