Sunday, 28 September 2014


We are nearing the end of the trout season and I am looking forward to searching out some big grayling this year. Whilst I may be adding to the bugging box, my attention is currently on those fish feeding hard and preparing for the colder months. On the river, there has been some action with gnats, but stillwater fishing is at its best in September and October. The fish are starting to find their aggresive, hunting charateristics and are paying attention to the shoals of fry - their own harvest.

A couple of good fish on weed bed patrol

This can be electrifying sport - fish crashing though the shoals only to turn a mop of the injured fish left in the upper layers makes for  stunning fishing. It can often sort out the better fish too. The fish are usually patrolling the edges of weedbeds and happy to swim in shallow water.

A fry-feeding beauty

In October's Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, I offered a muddler pattern that bridges the gap between corixa feeders and fry bashers. Worth a try when pulled, twitched or left to hang just below the surface.

A pattern for Corixa or fry imitation

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