Friday, 20 March 2009

Bristol FDG Tying Demonstration

This has been a busy week for work, which has kept me away from the vice. I am anticipating the start of the season and starting to really look forward to the first session. Chew Valley Lake opened and reports are pretty good - fish coming from lots of areas. However, it's the Wellow Brook I really want to get onto - so I'm awaiting the start of April.

Despite the lack of tying, I had been asked to do a demo for the Bristol Fly Dressers' Guild on Wednesday night. It seemed to go pretty well: I guess about 30people attended. I had met some of the people there before whilst helping out with a few tying classes in previous weeks. It always a pleasure to tie for interested people.

I guess I tied about 6 or 7 flies over two hours - it's amazing how long they take when you break them down into steps with instructions. Here are some pictures of just a few flies from the evening:

Raffine Spent Spinner


CDC Loop Emerger


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